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Top Schools in Adyar-leaders with a victory flag

One learns to look at the whole of man's endeavor, his search for beauty, his search for truth and a way of living that is not a contradiction between conclusion and action. Learning to enquire, to observe oneself, to relate with other people and the earth, is the core intention of the school.The basic education in schools prepare the children to face the world with confidence. The Adyar School is backed by the combined strength of over a decade of 'thought leadership' in best pedagogic practices of the Learning Leadership Foundation.

In bestinchennai you can find the list of top schools, international schools, private schools, public schools, CBSE board schools and ICSE board schools in Chennai.In Adyar schools Childrens are encouraged to perform to their full capacity by giving them thorough training in the field they choose. In adyar the schools are classified into following boards Anglo Indian Schools, CBSE Schools,ICSE Schools,Matriculation Schools,Play Schools,State Board Schools.The school has been continuously upgrading and introducing new facilities without significantly increasing student strength.Value Based Education is a powerful and positive force, that shapes the lives of future citizens.Innovative concepts and An array of extra-curricular activities liberate us to bloom, blossom and thrive in order to become well-groomed personalities.

Some of the top schools in adyar are as follows

 Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School
 9,Vasantha Press Road , Adyar

 St. Patrick's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School
 1st Crescent Park Road,Gandhi Nagar,Adyar

 Bala Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School
 B.V.M, 4th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar

 The School - KFI
 Damodar Gardens, Besant Avenue, Adyar

 Balavidyalaya School For Deaf
 18,I Cross Street Shastri Nagar,Main Road, Adyar

Leading the forefront of imparting education Adyar Schools is a team of highly dedicated, well experienced and trained teachers qualified to guide the destiny of our younger generation.Schools in adyar says that "Whatever role may be big or small We will do our best to all".We believe every child is unique and is an individual learner and hence should be allowed to develop at his/her own pace.  Our determination to achieve goal can really work wonders.Adyar Schools thrust is on developing the employability skills of the students so as to make them industry ready as soon as they graduate from the institute.

More details visit:http:adyar.bestinchennai.com/Schools

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